Teas for children

herbatki dla dzieci

Everyone who has ever faced the dilemma between a colourful sweetened drink or dehydration knows how difficult it is to convince a child to drink unsweetened tea or a glass of mineral water. Fortunately, today there is a healthy and tasty alternative to colourful drinks with sugar on the market – SOTI Natural teas for children.


Highly processed products contain terrifying amounts of salt, sugar and fat. Colourful drinks are no exception, and yet most of us agree that a healthy diet for a child should be a sugar-free diet. Excess sugar in the diet promotes the development of cavities, leads to obesity and triggers hyperactivity in children. Therefore, whenever possible, it should be limited to an absolute minimum in children’s diet. Unfortunately, the vast majority of unsweetened food products simply do not taste good... No wonder that children do not want to reach for them and constantly demand unhealthy substitutes. With this in mind, we have achieved the impossible at SOTI Natural laboratories – we created a sweet Popcorn Tea with the tempting aftertaste of popcorn.

Popcorn Tea and a sugar-free diet

Children love the taste of sweetness. Therefore, instead of developing a healthy tea drink with a bitter taste that kids find repulsive, we created a sweet tea with a taste of a snack they love. Popcorn Tea combines the beneficial properties of  SOTI Natural tea drinks with the healthy sweetness we have achieved by adding natural rice malt to the drink.

Natural rice malt is widely used in the production of healthy food. It is used as a substitute for glucose and fructose syrup, as well as the popular sucrose, i.e. white sugar. Unlike its unhealthy alternatives, natural rice malt has a beneficial effect on the digestive system, and its complex sugars decompose slowly in the body without causing drastic increases in blood sugar levels, which affects the regulation of appetite.

Tea for children in convenient bottles

Children like to reach for slightly sweetened brewed teas. Of course, serving them to the child requires brewing and then cooling... The problem also comes up outside of the home – on the playground, on a walk, wherever the child may feel thirsty and we are unable to provide a healthy drink. Of course, before leaving home we can brew tea and pour it into a plastic bottle, but after a while, it does not taste good. The situation is completely different with SOTI Natural products. Our teas for children are brewed according to a special recipe – it took us over a year to develop it – and then cooled and poured into antiseptic bottles in which they do not lose any taste or health properties. An additional advantage of SOTI teas is the convenient container, which you can take with you anywhere – for a walk, on the playground, when travelling. Thanks to this, you always have a healthy and tasty tea on hand.