A healthy lifestyle and a delicious sugar-free diet

dieta bez cukru

Until recently, a sugar-free diet was associated with a lot of sacrifices. There was a shortage of products on the market – in particular drinks – which would not have any sugar or other sweeteners, even more harmful to health. Fortunately, things are different now, and the offer of unsweetened food products is being extended every day with new products. One of the absolute hits on the healthy food market are unsweetened SOTI Natural tea drinks, made on the basis of brewed tea.


Unlike other tea beverages available on the Polish market, SOTI Natural beverages are not sweetened – except the teas for children, which are sweetened using natural rice malt – and do not contain preservatives, not to mention artificial colourings or acidity regulators. The secret of their exceptional taste and durability should be sought in the brewing process and antiseptic packaging, thanks to which SOTI Natural tea drinks retain their excellent properties and exceptional taste for a long time.

Turning away from artificial preservatives is a milestone in the promotion of healthy natural beverages, but it was not preservatives that contributed to the creation of the SOTI Natural brand, but a sugar-free diet. Making increasingly more aware nutritional decisions, consumers who decided to completely eliminate or only limit sugar in their diets stopped reaching for colourful drinks or sweetened fruit juices in cartons. For the founders of the SOTI Natural brand, this was a signal that Europe was already ready for a new generation of drinks based on natural brewed tea. This is how we developed SOTI Natural teas, which are available under various brand names in an increasing number of retail chains – the GO BIO brand is available in shops belonging to the Biedronka chain.

When an active lifestyle and a sugar-free diet go hand in hand

Proper hydration of the body is very important, especially for people actively involved in sports – both professionals and amateurs. SOTI Natural tea drinks based on green tea quench thirst and hydrate the body, while the microelements and antioxidants contained in them have a beneficial effect on our skin and well-being. Their additional advantage is the handy packaging, thanks to which you can take your favourite drink literally anywhere – for a workout, a walk, work, travel: anywhere we want to go.

A healthy alternative to mineral water

SOTI Natural tea drinks are an excellent alternative to mineral water because they contain no sugars or other sweeteners, as well as no artificial colourings and preservatives. This is great news for people who want to follow a sugar-free diet, and at the same time still have the opportunity to reach for flavoured drinks. SOTI tea offers such a possibility.