Terms and Conditions of the shop

I Introduction

1.  Soti Natural sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Warsaw 02-672 , Puławska 257/160, entered in the National Court Register under REGON 360939600, NIP 521-369-08-53, allows you to buy goods using the electronic network (Internet) – at the addresses and (shop). 
2. The administrator of personal data is Soti Natural sp. z o.o. with its registered office at: 02-672 Warsaw, Puławska 257/160. 
3. These Terms and Conditions are addressed to all users of SOTINATURAL.PL and SOTINATURAL.COM shops and define the rules of registration and use of the shop account, the rules of making electronic reservations of goods available in the shop’s offer, placing orders in the shop and the rules of concluding sales agreements. 
4. Any user can access the Terms and Conditions at any time, by clicking on the "Terms and Conditions" link located on the shop’s website, as well as by saving its PDF version to a medium of their choice.

5. Information about goods in the shop, including descriptions and prices, is an invitation to submit an offer to conclude a contract of sale within the meaning of Article 71 of the Civil Code, in accordance with the Terms and Conditions. 
6. Products in the online shop are marked in detail. The website contains information about the product properties, its price, the composition from which it is made, etc.
7. Photos and presentations of the offered goods are sample only and serve the purpose of presenting the specifically shown goods. Descriptions of the composition of the drink used in the production of certain drinks shall be provided by the manufacturers. 

II Rules of using the shop and conclusion of a sales agreement

1. The shop, with the help of an electronic network, makes it possible to purchase goods offered by the Shop. 
2. The sales agreement is concluded between the shop user (Customer) and Soti Natural sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Warsaw. 
3. Consolidation, securing and providing access to important provisions of agreements concluded by means of distance communication takes place by printing out and providing the Customer with a proof of purchase (receipt or VAT invoice) or specifications of the goods purchased together with the delivery of goods. The Act of 2 March 2000 on the Protection of Certain Consumer Rights and Liability for Damage Caused by Dangerous goods shall apply to agreements concluded by means of distance communication. 
4. Familiarisation and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions is required in order to begin using the shop. 
5. The information contained in the form should be truthful, up to date and accurate. Soti Natural sp. z o.o. reserves the right to refuse to carry out an order, if the data provided is of such a kind that judging the matter reasonably, it can be assumed that the data is false or was provided as a jest, as well as if the data provided is so inaccurate that it prevents the completion of the order, in particular if it prevents the proper delivery of the shipment. Before refusing to carry out the order, Soti Natural sp. z o.o. shall attempt to contact the Customer in order to verify the data to the extent necessary to carry out the order. 
6. The shop shall take all possible technical and organisational measures to prevent unauthorised persons from collecting and modifying the data provided during registration. 
7. A user who has used the shop is obliged to: 
- not provide or share content prohibited by the provisions of the law;
- use the shop in a manner that does not interfere with its operation;
- not send or place unsolicited commercial information within the shop;
- use the shop in a manner that is not burdensome for other customers and the shop Administrator;
- not use the content of the shop’s website for personal use;
- use the shop in a manner consistent with the regulations in force on the territory of the Republic of Poland, the provisions of the Terms and Conditions and the general principles of using the Internet.

III Conclusion of a sales contract:
1. In order to conclude a sales agreement, you must place an order using any available method: 
-on the shop’s website (online)
- by phone
- by email
- by Livechat communicator.
1. The shop accepts orders placed online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Only orders placed by phone, email and Livechat communicator are accepted on working days from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Orders placed on non-working days will be processed on the first working day following the day the order was placed. 
2. The Customer can place an order without the need to register their data in the shop’s database (purchase without registration). 
3. To place an order, all the required data necessary to send or generate a VAT invoice must be provided in the order form. 
4. To place an order, select goods from the available shop offer by adding them to the shopping cart. 
5. Until the Customer confirms their product selection using the "Confirm your order” button (or “Continue” after selecting eCard payment), they have the ability to make changes and modifications to the goods in the order, as well as contact details for shipping or invoicing. 
6. Sending the order by pressing the “Confirm your order” or “Continue” (after selecting eCard payment) button constitutes the Customer’s offer made to Soti Natural sp. z o.o. to conclude a Sales Agreement, in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. 
7. After the Customer places an order, they will receive a message via the shop’s website and by email containing the information about items in the order, quantity of goods, the value of the order, type of delivery and payment selected, time of order processing, and the Customer’s contact information. The message constitutes an acknowledgement of the Shop having received the Customer’s purchase offer. 
8. The Customer receives electronic confirmation of the order being placed (Confirmation of order being received for processing) to the email address provided. After receiving the above mentioned confirmation, the agreement of sale of the goods ordered by the Customer is concluded. 
9. The contract of sale is concluded in Polish, its content being in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. 
10. Without prejudice to the Customer’s right to withdraw from the contract in accordance with the relevant provisions of law, the Customer may cancel the order before receiving from the Shop a confirmation of acceptance of the purchase offer, i.e. before receiving an email confirming acceptance of the order for processing. To do so, the Customer should contact the shop without delay, also by phone, with an email confirmation. 
11. The shop reserves the right to refuse to process an order under a sales agreement if the Buyer’s contact details are untrue, the transaction has not been authorised in the eCard electronic payment system or the payment for the order has not been made within a specified period of time, if the Customer chooses a method of payment other than "cash on delivery". 

IV Delivery and Receipt

1. The date of order processing in the shop, included in the order summary, is the most probable time of preparation of goods for shipment to the Customer. In exceptional cases, the order processing time is confirmed by an employee during contact with the Customer, subject to paragraph 2 below. 
2. Goods are delivered to the indicated address in the Republic of Poland by Poczta Polska. Delivery charges are provided during the ordering process. The expected delivery time is 7 working days from the day following shipment. The total and maximum duration of the order processing should not exceed 7 working days, and under no circumstances 30 days from the date of conclusion of the sales agreement. The start of order processing may be delayed until payment in the amount of the sale price (and possible shipping costs) has been credited to the Shop’s bank account, if the Customer chooses online prepayment as the form of payment (i.e. via the eCard service, or a regular online bank transfer). 
3. All orders are shipped at the expense of the Shop using standard shipping. Otherwise, the costs of shipping the purchased Goods shall be borne by the Customer, of which the Customer shall be informed before acceptance of the order. Each product sent is accompanied by a proof of purchase (receipt or VAT invoice), a document with order specifications and a form for exchange/return/defective product claims. 
4. When receiving the parcel delivered by Poczta Polska, the Customer, in the presence of the courier, should carefully check the completeness of the contents of the parcel, as well as the condition of the external packaging and the ordered goods. In case of damage to the parcel, the Customer and the courier should prepare a damage report, in two identical copies signed by the Recipient and the courier. 
5. Shipments are only sent within Poland. In case of orders outside of Poland, please send an email to
V Prices and payment methods
1. Information about the purchase price of goods in the shop is provided on the shop’s website and is binding – within the meaning of the Act of 2 March 2000 on the Protection of Certain Consumer Rights and Liability for Damage Caused by Dangerous goods – from the moment the Customer receives email confirmation of the acceptance of the purchase order of selected goods submitted by the Customer, containing the final confirmation of all important elements of the order for the quantities given in the order, until the end of the order completion. The above price will not change regardless of price changes in the shop, which may appear after confirming the order in the second email. 
2. Product prices in the shop are given in Polish złotys, euros, US dollars or British pounds and include all its components, including VAT, duties and taxes. 
3. The customer pays the price of the ordered goods, depending on their choice: 
a) in cash to the courier at the location of delivery (cash on delivery),
b) bank transfer, using electronic payments made in the eCard payment system, prior to delivery. If the Customer chooses prepayment as their method of payment, failure to receive payment to the account of Soti Natural sp. z o.o. or entities mediating in the transaction (eCard service) within 2 days from placing the order, will result in cancellation of the order. In this case, the Customer may place the order again and choose another method of payment. Processing of an order paid by bank transfer or payment card begins upon receipt of payment for the goods.
        4. Instant payments via the Internet (transfers and payment cards) take place via the eCard S.A. service. eCard S.A. provides secure transactions over the Internet and is integrated with most of the electronic banking services provided by Polish banks. The eCard system also handles payments made by payment cards. Supported payment methods: 
Payment cards (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, MasterCard Electronic, Maestro), and: 
Pay with Inteligo (Inteligo) 
mTransfer (mBank) 
MultiTransfer (MultiBank) 
Pay with Nordea (Nordea) 
Przelew24 (Bank Zachodni WBK
Transfer with BPH (Bank BPH) 
Pay with iPKO (PKO BP) 
Pay with Citi Handlowego (Citi Handlowy) 
Pay cash with Unikasa (Citibank Handlowy) 
Pay with BOŚ (Bank Ochrony Środowiska) 
1. Soti Natural sp. z o.o.o. reserves the right to change the prices of goods in the online store, introduce new goods for sale, carry out and cancel promotional campaigns on the shop websites, or introduce changes to them in accordance with the standards of the Civil Code and other laws. Such changes do not violate the rights of persons who concluded agreements for the sale of goods offered by the store before the above mentioned changes were made. 
2. In the case of card transactions, refunds are made to the card account. 

VI Warranty, complaints and returns
1. Products offered in the shop are brand new and original. 
2. Soti Natural sp. z o.o. as the seller shall be liable to a Customer who is a consumer within the meaning of Article 221 of the Civil Code for non-compliance with the Agreement for the sale of goods purchased by said consumer, within the scope specified in the Act on Specific Terms and Conditions of Consumer Sales and the amendment of the Civil Code of 27 July 2002. 
3. Soti Natural sp. z o.o. takes steps to ensure the proper functioning of the shop to the extent that it is based on current technical knowledge and undertakes to remove any irregularities reported by users within a reasonable period of time. 
4. The Customer may report any inconveniences or interruptions in the functioning of the shop by email, telephone or using the contact form. 
5. A claim may be made regarding any item purchased in the shop with appropriate deadlines and conditions of claims if it has defects that make it incompatible with the agreement. Claims can be made by sending back the goods together with a written description of the defect or a complaint downloaded from the shop and proof of purchase, by registered mail to the address: Soti Natural sp. z o.o., Puławska 257/160, 02-769 Warszawa, with the annotation: “e-shop claim”. The customer shall receive information about the manner of processing the claim within 14 days from the date of receipt by the shop of the parcel containing the goods the claim concerns. In the case of a positive response to a claim made by mail, Soti Natural sp. z o.o. shall send the Customer goods of full value (repaired or new) within 14 days, and if it proves impossible (e.g. exhaustion of stock), refund the full amount of the price paid for the goods. 
6. If the complaint is not accepted, the goods will be sent back together with an opinion as to whether the complaint is unfounded. 
7. If the Customer finds that the goods have been damaged during transport, the Customer is obliged to draw up a damage report in the presence of the courier. Complaints resulting from damage to the goods during transport will be considered on the basis of a damage report drawn up by the customer and the courier. 
8. The statutory period for withdrawing from the agreement is 14 days. The Customer has the right to withdraw from the agreement of sale without providing a reason within 14 days of receipt of goods and return the goods as soon as possible to the store. In order to withdraw from the agreement of sale, the Customer is obliged to submit a statement of withdrawal from the agreement (or use the form provided to the Customer) and then send the goods purchased to the address of the shop, at the Customer’s own expense and risk. A document confirming compliance with the 10-day deadline for specific returned goods (e.g. receipt, VAT invoice) must be included with the shipment. The refund shall be made within 14 working days to the account number provided by the Customer. In the case of card transactions, refunds are made to the card account. The amount to be refunded includes the price for the goods covered by the agreement in respect of which the Customer has exercised the right of withdrawal and the possible costs of shipping the goods to the Customer. 
9. The shop has the right to refuse to accept a return in case of a lack of proof of purchase of goods or failure to meet the 14-day return period. 

VII Other
1. Personal data provided by customers during registration in the shop are processed by Soti Natural sp. z o.o. exclusively for the purpose of processing orders and may be processed for marketing purposes, provided that the customer agrees to this when placing an order. The Customer has the right to supplement, update, correct personal data, temporarily or permanently withhold permission for processing or demand its deletion if it is incomplete, outdated, untrue or has been collected in violation of the law or is no longer necessary for the purpose for which it was collected, as well as the right to object to the processing of personal data for marketing purposes. 
2. By placing an order, the Customer agrees to use the shop in accordance with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions – worded as on the day of the order being placed. Lack of acceptance of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions prevents the purchase of Goods offered by the store. 
3. The agreement of sale of products in the shop shall be governed by Polish law. The agreement is concluded in Polish. 
4. In matters not regulated by these regulations, the provisions of the Civil Code or other laws applicable to the operation and functioning of the shop shall apply accordingly. 
5. The competent court for the settlement of disputes is the court with local jurisdiction according to the applicable regulations. 
6. Soti Natural sp. z o.o. reserves the right to make changes to the Terms and Conditions at any time. Amendments to the Terms and Conditions are effective from the moment of their publication on the shop website. Amendments to the Terms and Conditions must not violate the acquired rights of Customers using the shop. 
7. Soti Natural sp. z o.o. reserves the right to make changes in prices and quantity of products in the shop’s offer during the day, withdraw or introduce individual products to the shop’s offer, carry out and withdraw promotional campaigns on the shop’s website, as well as their modifications, and such changes do not violate the rights of persons who concluded agreements for the sale of goods offered by the shop before making the above mentioned changes. 
8. All trademarks and brand names used in the shop are the property of their respective owners and are for informational purposes only.