SOTI Natural – sugar-free drinks from high-quality ingredients

Antyoksydanty - PrzeciwutleniaczeFree radicals are oxygen derivatives that damage the cells of our bodies and are one of the causes of ageing, as well as serious diseases and cancers. They are formed in the body as a result of stress, fatigue, inflammation, air pollution or using stimulants, so everyone is exposed to their effects.

Free radicals can be neutralised by so-called antioxidants, so dieticians and doctors recommend supplementing these substances to maintain natural balance in the body and prevent micro-damage to DNA structures. Antioxidants of natural origin, in addition to reducing the harmful effects of free radicals, cleanse the body of toxins and have a beneficial effect on the skin, hair and nails, so their presence in the diet is important for health, well-being and appearance.

Natural antioxidants – where to find them?

Antioxidants should be supplied to the body along with food. Among others, vitamins, minerals and their specific combinations have an antioxidant effect. Flavonoids, polyphenols and other substances naturally occurring in various food products, especially those of plant origin, are also antioxidants.Therefore, the antioxidant diet should be rich in various vegetables and fruits, especially those rich in vitamins C, E, A or lycopene.

It is worth to supplement the diet with other sources of antioxidants. One of them is green tea, but the brewing process and the type of leaves are very important for its maximum effect. Therefore, it is worth reaching for a bottle of healthy SOTI Natural tea, which, according to the research conducted by the Warsaw University of Technology, contains 340 mg of antioxidants. SOTI Natural beverages contain the finest Gyokuro tea leaves and water. The high antioxidant content of SOTI Natural is due to the precise 50-minute brewing process of each SOTI Natural bottle and the adjustment of 15 brewing parameters. SOTI Natural brewed teas are available as classic green tea, pearl jasmine tea, mint tea with lemongrass, red rooibos tea with ginger and popcorn tea for children. They are 100% healthy sugar-free drinksthat contain zero calories. They are perfect for consumption after a workout and at any time of the day. They provide a natural, daily dose of antioxidants for everyone!